Nightingales is for sale

Our focus is on you as our only guest. Having only one retreater at a time means
you do not have to bare your soul to others, or share their problems.

the schema therapy retreat in milford-on-sea, hampshire

We are re-locating to another property nearby where Tina will be seeing day patients. In addition, we will be offering the Retreat experience as a daily workshop (minimum two days).

The same multi-sensory therapies will be on offer, but for 3 or 4 people. For those needing more one to one time, we can tailormake a course.

Either way, you'll receive Tina's unique blend of therapy, innovative thinking and delicious organic food. More details from

For those interested in buying Nightingales, we thought there could be no better advert than our Retreat website. Not far away, a new development of 4 tightly packed new builds, considerably smaller than Nightingales and with hardly any garden are being offered at £1.8 million each. What Nightingales offers - for far less - is something unique. It is a one off.

In practical terms it also offers you more space - both inside and out. An added bonus is a garden that has been organic for over 32 years - and we believe long before that, as ours was the first house to be built on the land. The garden features mature trees and shrubs and is a place that is loved by wildlife - especially birds (including nightingales and a returning wild duck that is almost tame).

Those of you who have stayed will know that Nightingales has a magical quality that is beyond price. A day patient who was here last week said her anxiety eased the moment she walked in, as the ambience is so peaceful.

Nightingales has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (two ensuites, one private bathroom and one family bathroom - shared between two rooms).

In addition there are 4 reception rooms (2 are currently used as offices but could become bedrooms) and a large kitchen / conservatory. There are two separate staircases and the house could easily be divided into two self-contained homes. We initially built the office suite for working from home - so that is a real option too. There is a separate front door, hall space (waiting room), a cloakroom and two large offices.

The house was built in 1969 and is structurally sound, with all mains services including gas central heating.

What's more, we installed a timber summer house in the garden just a couple of years ago with power, light and full insulation - so this also provides habitable space.

Nightingales is only 300 yds from the beach and beyond the birds singing you can usually hear waves breaking. We are far enough back from the clifftop to be safe from any high winds or tides. Unusually for a home near the coast we have a large garden ( almost one third of an acre). The location is very special and makes an ideal sanctuary. Ideally, we would like to sell Nightingales as a Retreat - but it would equally make a superb family home. If bought as a Retreat, Tina will only be 1.5 miles away and can easily be on hand to help with therapies.

There are some things that money can't buy - and the healing properties of Nightingales are included!

If you are interested in buying Nightingales (or for more information), contact Mike:

the schema therapy retreat

at Nightingales (between forest and sea)

Our aim is to provide a safe haven where you can find peace
- for mind, body and spirit

The Retreat attracts people from all walks of life. Interestingly, we've recently had two Psychologists here who chose our intuitive integrated therapy approach over retreats offering Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

There are answers other than medication to relieve you of residual stress and anxiety. Here at the Schema Therapy Retreat you'll get rest, good nutrition, gentle exercise and Schema Therapy, a pro-active form of CBT. We'll use positive psychology techniques together with other therapies. Our integrated approach flows naturally from intuitive psychology assessment.

Residential Schema Therapy at Nightingales means there is no hassle of getting to and from Schema Therapy sessions. You'll have time for contemplation and self-renewal, whilst being cocooned in a therapeutic environment.

You'll be resident here at our tranquil seaside retreat. There are no groups. Our therapies focus entirely on you.

We also practice mindfulness based stress reduction as part of our positive psychology / integrated therapy.

Nightingales is in a lovely location, with woodland just across the road, the New Forest 3 miles inland and the sea only 300 yards away.

Loving kindness goes a long way to energising a weary soul and calming a troubled mind. Self-compassion is at the heart of emotional healing. Using integrated psychology and mindfulness techniques, we seek to align Retreaters with authentic happiness.

In a homely and peaceful environment we arm you with powerful and practical tools to free trapped emotions. Laughter really is the best medicine. We always know when Retreaters are on the mend - as their laughing increases, as do musical outbursts. Singing is not compulsory, but it tends to come naturally with improved mood.

view of the isle of wight from milford-on-sea clifftop

To paraphrase a recent Retreater from America: "Schema Therapy acknowledges you and your past (damaging) life events and 'rescripts' those experiences to enable you to move past them and live your life!"

You can't change the past, but there are incidents that can be 're-invented' for the better. Guests often describe their stay as 'healing for damaged souls'. One even e-mailed to say that her family thought another person had been returned to them - a person who was 'transformed'.

"I owe SO much to you. Words cannot express the changes in me. The world needs a million more souls like you. I don't know how you do what you do - but keep doing it!"

- A very satisfied customer

We'll help you get your life back in balance

The main aim of our Retreat is to get your life back in balance. From time to time, even the most stable of us 'flip' to the dark side!

When we are low, we tend to see the negative side of everything. Sometimes we are holding back our own recovery by not being compassionate to ourselves.

our Schema Therapy Retreat will show you how you can increase your chances of living a more fulfilled life

Schema Therapy has been shown to be most effective in cases of treatment resistant depression and anxiety disorders.

Most of our guests are not clinically depressed. Some are, but do not realise it!

It may be a cliché, but everybody hurts - sometime! Sadly, it is part of the human condition. We lose loved ones, we lose jobs. People leave us or they fail to understand.

Changing patterns that we know need changing is tough. Even habits we know are killing us are hard to shift.

At testing times, Nightingales can offer a nurturing environment where you can access Schema Therapy.

You have the power to eliminate most of the struggles in your life. Whether it's a relationship issue, an addiction, anxiety, or problems with work - the solutions may only be a few thoughts away.

our Schema Therapy Retreat will show you how you can increase your chances of living a more fulfilled life

Our seaside Retreat will show you how you can increase your chances of living a happier life.

This is a bespoke residential Retreat built around your individual needs. However, we are now offering a single room (with private bathroom) in the guest wing, for an accompanying friend, relative or PA of the sole Retreater.

Changing what we can

The Retreat experience is different for everyone. My broad experience and natural intuition help to clarify what each guest needs. Accepting and taking responsibility for things we can change is key.

I first trained as a Therapist at St Bartholomew's Dept of Psychiatric Medicine in London. My Master's from the Psychology Dept, Univ of Wales, focussed on 'Positivity'.

The Schema Therapy model suits my modus operandi perfectly. From my first training it felt 'right'. My original training was at the Oxford Behavioural Centre. However, if Dialectical Behaviour Therapy skills will be of benefit, we'll bring those into the mix.

We are always mindful of the guest in residence 'here and now' and their needs.

In addition to my Certificate in Schema Therapy, I've undergone 48 hours (in hour long sessions) of Schema Focussed Therapy Supervision with two very experienced Schema Therapists.

My current supervisor does not work with the Schema Model. He specialises in an allied area - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). However, we often discuss methodologies and he has been impressed with how Schema Therapy can 'work wonders' on treatment resistant patients.

Personally, I find Schema Therapy more pro-active than CBT. Both my supervisor and I have an interest in Mindfulness (in therapy). I attend (therapy) workshops to keep my practice current.

Our approach at Nightingales is far from formulaic. By having a Consultant Psychiatrist as a Supervisor, I keep abreast of developments in the world of Psychiatric medicine. Where possible, I apply natural alternatives or talking therapy solutions.

However, I do not neglect the fact that some people may be physically unwell. Whilst primarily a Retreat, we try to address wellness of body as well as mind and spirit.