Our focus is on you as our only guest. Having only one retreater at a time means
you do not have to bare your soul to others, or share their problems.

Nightingales schema therapy retreat in winter snow
the benefits of the schema therapy retreat

Feeling happier makes us feel more at peace

Feeling happier makes us feel more at peace - with ourselves and with others. To be at peace, we need to feel safe. This is a key part of Schema Therapy - and associated too with self-compassion, mindfulness and spiritual rejuvenation.

At Nightingales, you can 'find' your safe place and take it with you when you leave.

We do not claim miraculous cures. However, by nurturing you - in a one to one environment - where you are the sole guest - we hopefully show you what the reparenting model is all about.

From our perspective, it's about getting your 'Healthy Adult' - to care for the 'Vulnerable Child' within.

The Retreat is, hopefully, the beginning of a new - more productive - chapter in your life. Whilst, we can't do it for you, we'll show you how to turn the pages.

No matter what has brought you to The Retreat - you are the most important part of the process. Other people have often got you into the frazzled state you are in.

the sights and sounds at the schema therapy centre are therapeutic

But only your inner strength can get you out of it. Schema Therapy will help. But do not attempt a DIY approach as it can make matters worse.

From the Therapist's Perspective

A combination of factors led me to Schema Therapy. Within the same week, I had seen three patients in desperate need of a pro-active 'model' of psychotherapy. The commonality was an emotional disconnection. How could I help?

Having researched Schema Therapy, I found that my Master's degree enabled me to fast-track training.

From day one I loved working with the Schema Therapy model. By working with experienced Schema Therapists from America as well as Holland, my aim was to provide patients with the best of both worlds.

According to Dr Jeff Young (founding Psychologist of Schema Therapy), a good Schema Therapist has to have intuition. I am highly intuitive and empathetic. With these qualities and the tools of Schema, I support patients to change maladaptive coping responses (e.g. alcohol misuse, eating disorders) and other self-defeating behaviours associated with low mood.

In my practice, I have also incorporated some unique additions, borne out of my years working in Psychology, Education, Dyslexia and Neuroscience. The base of my methodology is Schema Therapy, but I have made it my own! I have a lifelong interest in natural healing - most especially herbal medicine. Aromatherapy is part of my psychotherapy sessions. Aside from any healing properties, smell helps patients to find their 'safe place'.

Patients invariably present with one common denominator - hopelessness. It helps patients to know that this black cloud can be shifted. There is hope!

My therapeutic approach does not require a patient to forgive 'entirely'. Holding on to hatred and the need for vengeance often holds us back. But there is usually a middle path.

Positive psychology is a large part of our philosophy. If you convince yourself you can do something, the chances are that you will. The reverse is true too. Whether you need therapy or simply time out – Nightingales is here. A stay at our Retreat could be described as life coaching - for the mind.

Along the way, we'll deal with overcoming feelings of insecurity or rejection. Without the burdens of bad schemas weighing us down, we are free to enjoy a more fulfilling life.

The patient has to be motivated to change. They may have coped so long using their own (unhealthy) strategies, that they think they are 'fine'. You can only suggest for their sake, that they should consider aiming for better than just 'fine'. Walking away from depression and addiction is possible.

Carers of depressed patients or recovering alcoholics often need therapy and TLC to help them regain their own strength. Be self-compassionate and consider the Retreat just for you! By replenishing yourself, you'll be helping your loved ones.

Many of our Retreaters are actively seeking answers to long-standing problems and / or feel 'stuck'. Some have reached a stage where they want to change. There may not be life-threatening problems, but they need some time out to consider their future path.